What do I need to register?

You only need your Public API Key of the exchange platform of your select. You can find information on how to obtain the necessary key in here.

What operating systems does CAT work on?

It works on any operating system that Java 8 can be installed. Which means it can be Windows, Mac OS or Linux. You don’t even need to install CAT. Just copy your files from one computer to another, with a totally different OS.

Will there be more functions or strategies available? Like…

C.A.T. is an endlessly evolving “animal” according to your needs. So be sure that there will be many more functions added and you will be eligible to get all of them once you purchased your copy of C.A.T., even if the prices change after the new functions are added that change what CAT is in a totally new way.

We don’t want to give any hints but there are some surprises on the way. So better get your copy now.

Does this program work for sure?

Yes, it does. Although it depends on what you expect out of it and how much you already know about trading. You can be a total beginner and just get the hold of the program, afterwards it would be as simple as finding an average of two numbers in the market, and it would work. You can be a trading pro, and you could achieve a lot lot more with the detailed functions of CAT. We are not selling a magic wand here, but think of it as a “hard worker”.

How much is it?

The CAT bot consists of a core set of utilities, and a set of API interfaces for specific trading sites. While purchasing C.A.T., you can decide which sites API interfaces you wish to add, so buying access to all API interfaces is not mandatory. However, adding additional sites to your copy of C.A.T. can be done at any time. Check our Pricing page to get a better understanding of this topic and prices.

Is there a demo version of CAT Bot that…

Unfortunately, we currently do not offer a demo version for C.A.T. as it requires your API Keys to be controlled through our servers for add and remove at the end of your demo period and this would scare many of our customers off. We have given a promise of never communicating to any third party servers and we intend to keep that promise. But you are always free to sell your copy of C.A.T. Bot core if you are not using it. Just contact us through the community pages or info@catcryptobotcom-2fa4ae.ingress-bonde.easywp.com and we will arrange a transfer in between parties.

Does CAT Bot communicate with a third party server?

NEVER! Your copy of C.A.T. is made specifically for you and the API Key your provide, so it does not need to verify your identity once again by contacting our servers. You already can’t use any other keys, so it is designed to communicate directly and only with your chosen exchange. Once you start using your software, we have no control over how you use it.

Are gains guaranteed?

After every completed pong order, there is a mathematical guaranteed gain that you enter in the program while configuring it. So yes, if the pong order is completed, you should have made some gains. But this does not mean there is a guaranteed trade CAT Bot offers you. It tries to do what you tell it to do. The coin of your choice may suffer a drop while you are trading with it, so in the end although you may be growing your value in terms of that coin, you may actually be losing money in regards to USD, or BTC. You have to make clever choices for pairs and markets.

Is CAT Bot risk free?

Of course not. This is not a “get rich quick” scheme. Everything is still dependent on your choices but CAT helps you do things when you are away from your computer, or things you would not be fast enough to do yourself. No software that claims to give you unlimited gains and says it is totally risk free would be telling the truth. You just have tools that might protect you from regular trading risks.